Prevent Canned Candle


When you’re feeling under the weather, peppermint is one of the best scents to employ.

‘Prevent’  has been specially formulated to support our internal health and prevent any nasty colds.

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Product Description

Robbins Candle Co Essential Relief Candles have been developed to help you sleep better, breathe deeper and relax through these winter months. So, whether you’re perfectly healthy or already feeling the congestion coming on, get one of these candles and enjoy a healthier and happier cold weather season. The perfect way to relieve senses, whilst not harming the plant.

Using high quality, ethically sourced essential oils Robbins Candle Co has crafted a beauty blend of Roman Chamomile & Peppermint, to give a strong aroma that will fill your room fast as your candle starts to melt.

Whether you’re suffering from a physical ailment or an emotional one, lighting this aromatherapy candle as a ritual will help you find relief. It is the perfect fragrance to ‘Prevent’ any winter colds.

Product Information

Robbins Candle Co luxurious candles are kinder to you and the environment, giving you a clean, slow burn.
– finest blend of soy wax, free from paraffin & phthalates
– vegan, non-toxic, animal cruelty free product
– handmade in England
– all candle components follow our reduce, reuse, recycle ethos
– ethically sourced essential oils
– approximate burn time: 70 hours
– 300g


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