Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser Refill Sachets (3 Pack)


Designed to top up your empty Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser bottles, one refill pack contains sachets of concentrated product that can be emptied into your empty containers and mixed with tap water. One pack contains 3 sachets.

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A highly effective solution for the complete cleaning of kitchens. It’s safe, non-toxic and effective cleaning formulation targets grease, grime and odours on a variety of surfaces where there is a build up of fats, oils and grease.

Clean Living Kitchen cleaner is a heavy duty degreaser effortlessly removing grease, oil and fatty residues from all hard-washable kitchen surfaces and leaving no nasty residues after rinsing. this product is fully biodegradable and environmentally safe.

For use on all washable kitchen surfaces including floors, walls, appliances, cooker hoods, air filters, fryers, grills and cabinets.

So you’ll have a clean home and a clean conscience, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your bit to reduce waste.

Benefits and differences against supermarket brands:
– Reduces household waste
– 100% biodegradable
– Stunts the regrowth of harmful bacteria
– Completely breaks down and removes odorous bacteria
– Sodium Hydroxide free
– Chlorine free
– Phosphate free
– Solvent free
– Ammonia free


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