Dry Carpet Cleaner and Brush


Suitable for use on all carpet types, this is one of the most advanced low moisture dry carpet cleaning powders on the market today.

Made from 100% biodegradable, natural and soft-sponge like fibres that have been moistened with natural eco-friendly cleaning ingredients to dissolve grime and dirt from carpet fibres.

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Clean Living Dry Carpet Cleaner has been developed to clean both synthetic and natural fibres including coir and sisal. It has passed the rigorous independent tests of the WoolSafe Board and carries the suitable ‘for use on wool’ endorsement.

This natural dry carpet cleaning compound changes colour as it dissolves and absorbs soiling from the carpet fibres, trapping the dirt until it is vacuumed away.

Please note – the wooden brush that we include with this product contains natural hairs. For anyone that would prefer a silicone brush, email your request to us, stating your order number, and we will happily make the switch for you.

Apply the dry carpet cleaner directly to the carpet pile by shaking the required amount onto it from the sachet. Using your brush, gently work into the carpet in circular motions. Leave to dry completely allowing the product to absorb the dirt. Then vacuum away the loose sponges left behind.

Benefits and differences of dry carpet cleaner against supermarket brands:
– Reduces household waste
– 100% biodegradable
– Stunts the regrowth of harmful bacteria
– Completely breaks down and removes odorous bacteria
– Sodium Hydroxide free
– Chlorine free
– Phosphate free
– Solvent free
– Ammonia free


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