Box Of Three Handmade Soaps & Soap Dish


This little box of three handmade soaps makes the perfect gift.  All soaps are 100% natural, cruelty free and sustainably formulated to be great for your skin and gentle on the earth.

Using a soap dish with drainage allows your natural soap bar to dry out in between uses and extends its life.


by Perkier Naturally

Natural & eco-friendly soaps to choose from:

Perkier Signature is scented with an essential oil blend of grapefruit and neroli, chosen for their mood-boosting and uplifting properties. Then there’s a comforting hint of warming vanilla, topped with dried orange peel and calendula petals. It’s a lovely buttery soap and can’t help but make you feel perkier.

Moroccan Bazaar with French pink clay and activated charcoal. French pink clay gives this bar a silky smooth lather and leaves you feeling moisturised. It has a softening and toning effect on the skin, whilst the addition of activated charcoal detoxifies and cleanses. Our Moroccan Bazaar soap is scented with cedarwood and rose geranium with hints of rich leather.

Mediterranean Sea Spray with French green clay and sweet almond oil. With notes of sea salt, patchouli and sweet orange, our Mediterranean Sea Spray soap is fresh and urges adventure. It’s reminiscent of warm Mediterranean air and lapping waves. The high coconut oil content results in a hard, long-lasting bar, whilst the almond oil nourishes dry skin. It is infused with French green clay to help gently draw out impurities.

Fireside S’Mores with spice blend and cocoa decadence. A double butter soap base chockablock with skin-loving oils, notes of vanilla and marshmallow, and delicious cocoa and cinnamon. Our Fireside S’mores soap is a lovely balance of smooth and silky clays, yet with a gentle exfoliation from the coffee grounds in the bottom biscuity section. Inspired by fun times in Colorado and Western Canada’s Rockies, this soap will take you straight back to roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire under the clearest of starry skies.

English Cutting Garden with rose petals and bergamot. The French pink and green clays not only give this soap its soft colour palette, but they also create a silky lather and help draw out impurities. English Cutting Garden is an essential oil blend of bergamot and rose geranium, resulting in a fresh scent evocative of long, balmy summer days in the garden.

OH HONEY! with honey and oats. Honey has been used in skincare for centuries due to its proven antiseptic and healing properties. Paired with soothing oats (left chunky for great exfoliation), detoxifying activated charcoal and no added essential oils, this combination is the perfect recipe for sensitive skin. Oh Honey!, Green Smoothie and Perk Me Up form our unscented ‘Au Naturel’ range.

Perk Me Up with coffee grounds and kaolin clay. Coffee is packed with natural antioxidants, whilst kaolin clay removes impurities, giving this soap the perfect punch to eradicate dirt and perk up tired skin. The coffee grounds gently exfoliate and release a subtle aroma, leaving your body and mind clean, revitalised and ready to take on the day! Perk Me Up, Green Smoothie and Oh Honey! form our unscented ‘Au Naturel’ range.

Green Smoothie with avocado and spirulina. Avocado puree gives this soap a luxurious lather. Spirulina and French green clay help to remove impurities, and deeply cleanse pores for soft, revitalised and radiant skin. This bar is ideal for all skin types, young and mature, and will leave you feeling refreshed and moisturised. Green Smoothie, Oh Honey!, and Perk Me Up form our unscented ‘Au Naturel’ range.

If buying as a gift, you have the option to add a gift note (at no additional cost) and have the box(es) delivered directly to the recipient, or sent to you first if you are gifting it in person. If you are looking to send multiple boxes to various lucky people, just handpick your chosen soaps to suit, add gift notes and delivery addresses for each as you go, and check out in one go.

Perkier Naturally soaps are handcrafted in small batches in the traditional cold process method using plant-based oils and butters, scented with certified pure essential oils, and naturally coloured with mineral clays and botanicals.

Sustainably handmade and packaged in United Kingdom.

Storage: Before use, store in a cool and dry place. Once in use, place the bar in a soap dish with drainage or a soap saver pouch to allow it to dry out in between uses and to extend the life of your artisanal soap bar.

Dimensions: All soap bars are cut to 100g, however this can vary as they are sliced by hand. Sizes, colours and designs may differ slightly from bar to bar, as each one is handmade and truly unique.

Size – Approx. 7cm x 8cm x 2cm

Net weight – Approx. 95 – 105g

Shipping Countries: United Kingdom (UK)


Shipping Policy

Standard UK Delivery: £3.70

In order to minimise unnecessary packaging (be it recyclable or not), our soaps arrive with you ‘naked’, meaning they are unwrapped.

The outer boxes and packaging is plastic free, recycled and fully recyclable. Please reuse where possible.

Choose 1st Soap

Perkier Signature, Moroccan Bazaar, Mediterranean Sea Spray, Fireside S'mores, English Cutting Garden, Perk Me Up, Green Smoothie, Oh Honey!

Choose 2nd Soap

Perkier Signature, Moroccan Bazaar, Mediterranean Sea Spray, Fireside S'mores, English Cutting Garden, Perk Me Up, Green Smoothie, Oh Honey!

Choose 3rd Soap

Perkier Signature, Moroccan Bazaar, Mediterranean Sea Spray, Fireside S'mores, English Cutting Garden, Perk Me Up, Green Smoothie, Oh Honey!

Soap Dish Colour

Green, Pink, White

Are you ordering for yourself or as a gift?

It's for me! #selfcare, It's a gift! Please send straight to the recipient, It's a gift! Please send to me first


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