Biological Bin Odour Eliminator


Clean Living bin deodoriser is a superior formulation for complete odour elimination. The unique odour encapsulation technology binds and traps odours on contact whilst the live probiotic formulation breaks them down to remove odour at the source.

The Biological Bin Odour Eliminator Starter Pack contains 3 items in total. Contents:
– 1 x 300ml reusable aluminium container
– 1 x Living Areas microfiber cloth
– 1 x 30ml Biological Bin Odour Eliminator concentrate sachets

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Vendor: Clean Living
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This product attacks the root cause of unwanted odours that often come from indoor and outdoor bins. The unique formula completely neutralises odourous bacteria, leaving the scent of fresh cut grass behind.

It’s environmentally responsible and does not use masking agents or chemical oxidisers. A must for any keen cook who regularly uses fresh produce and ideal for use in kitchen, compost, food waste, garden bins and more.

Refills start at just £1.99 each

Benefits and differences against supermarket brands:
– Reduces household waste
– 100% biodegradable
– Stunts the regrowth of harmful bacteria
– Completely breaks down and removes odorous bacteria
– Sodium Hydroxide free
– Chlorine free
– Phosphate free
– Solvent free
– Ammonia free


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