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Hello, we’re Sina & Eva – the founders of Fairmade. We’re both from Germany but we met in 2012 in our adopted home London. A mutual acquaintance introduced each other and we clicked straight away. We became friends, then colleagues and now we have turned our dream into reality: we have set up our own business. The idea was to create something that helps our environment. It all started on a rainy day in a gloomy coffee shop – and after a few lattes and too many cupcakes, we already philosophised about our brand name. Fairmade was the idea we were excited about. It perfectly describes our vision: Something that is fair to our environment and made locally – Fairmade. We are in our thirties and our aim is to live more sustainably. We’re just at the beginning of our eco-friendly journey and are implementing habits in our life to slowly change one step at a time. We’d love you to join us on our journey. 

We believe that if we all change our habits one step at a time and get more conscious of our environment, that could make a massive impact on our stricken world. We all could play our part in making our environment more future-proof.

We hope to give everyone a great experience browsing Fairmade products which could be your start to a more conscious life.


Fairmade is an online marketplace that gives independent UK businesses the opportunity to create more awareness about sustainability and sell their ecology-friendly products to everyone who wants to change their habits and be more conscious about which products to buy.

Our aim is to create more awareness about eco-friendly living and to give independent UK businesses a platform to promote and sell their lovely products. Make your home more beautiful.


Our partners are independent businesses or designers who focus on sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, vegan, renewable or reusable products.

All products are of high-quality, hand selected, unique and sustainably produced in the UK.

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